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Wed, 17 June 2015

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Today we released Cliquet 2.0 [1] and Kinto 1.0 [2] (a.k.a Cloud Storage).

Kinto is a service to store, synchronize and share arbitrary data attached to a Firefox Account.

Cliquet is a toolkit to ease the implementation of HTTP micro-services, such as data-driven REST APIs with synchronization needs.

You can read more about our rationale for building this solution at

Both projects received a lot of diligence during the last months. Even though most of the work we had done for Reading List could be used, we rebuilt many parts and introduced some long awaited features, like permissions management.

Of course, exactly like when you refurbish a ceiling at home, we can't resist to see loads of things that shall still be improved! Especially about documentation and performance :)

We can already foresee how the ecosystem will look like, and it's promising. There is already a JavaScript client [3], which aims to synchronize browser local data with a Kinto instance.

We strongly welcome any feedback, be it about the code, the documentation or security aspects of the solution. If you wish to reach to us, you can use the #storage channel of the Mozilla IRC network.

And, this is just the beginning! Future plans are described in our road map [4].

[1]Cliquet is a toolkit to ease the implementation of HTTP microservices, such as data-driven REST APIs —
[2]Kinto is a server allowing you to store and synchronize arbitrary data, attached to your Firefox account. —
[3]Cliquetis, the javascript library to consume the Kinto HTTP API —
[4]Kinto roadmap:
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